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Benjamin Franklin and the Legend of the Vajra

A Revisionist-History Comedy Feature Film

Written by Ari Frenkel, Jonny Lee Jr, & Justin Anthony Long

Join failed inventor and lover of snacks, Benjamin Franklin, as he teams up with his weak pushover buddy, Georgie Washington, and the mysteriously agile, Marie Antoinette, on a quest to find the mystical and legendary all-powerful Vajra! Will they discover the secret power stored in this ancient artifact? Or will Lord Byron, the foppish Governor of Philadelphia, along with his pet bear Reggie, beat them to the punch and obtain its awesome powers to rule the American Colonies...and the World!?

*Winner of LiveReadLA December 2018 reading

(30-page excerpt & talkback w/Chris DeFaria, CEO DreamWorks Animation

& Tim Schildberger, Founder LiveReadLA

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